Obesity Causes

Beyond the genetic reasons, mislead nutrition, food addiction, inadequate physical activity, processed and fast food, excessive consumption of alcohol, medical reasons, certain medications (antidepressants, medications for diabet and epilepsy) are considered driving forces for weight gain.

Considering the causes of obesity and overweight that downgrade the quality of life, patients suffer from high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and all related metabolic diseases (hypertension and diabet), dyslipidemia (blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels), respiratory problems, some cancers, stroke, digestive system and urogenital and psychological problems.

Correspondingly most patients with obesity and overweight are at much higher risk of comorbid conditions and that is mostly why weight and weight associated comorbidities are substantially important in the assessment of your overall health to choose the best tailored treatment.

Once you are diagnosed with overweight or obesity after comprehensive and appropriate health assessment with all risk factors you may seek your treatment options with our doctor with 14 years of experience.

Management of overweight or obesity generally starts with a combination of diet therapy, exercise, and behavioral modification, however for those who suffer from comorbidities at high degrees, bariatric surgeries are available at our clinic.

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