Endoscopic Injection of Botox®

Gastric botox, is an outpatient endoscopic procedure mostly preferred by patients who are interested in losing moderate amount of weight, as quickly and safely as possible. It takes up the space in between laparoscopic surgeries and diet and exercise. It is the simplest way of losing weight and performed by Botox® injection to stomach muscles in which the feeling of prolonged fullness is achieved and your eating habits having changed, enabling food to empty from the stomach more easily. It takes approximately 15-30 minutes. The result will be sustained for approximately up to 6 months and as long as you keep on adherence to a dietary programme, the results are expected to be a bit more prolonged and promising.

In each individual session, we suggest our patients to identify the causes of unhealthy behavor in their eating habits and identify them and set goals to achieve. Whatever treatment is tailored to your individual case, adopting a new life style with a renewed mind set is the key for weight loss.

In some cases patients choose to combine Botox injections with a series of plastic surgeries. As known, plastic surgeries such as liposuction or tummy tuck is not a way to lose weight but a way to correct and fix weight loss or gain associated deformities, like sagging skin, excess body fat trapped in body etc. Therefor gastric botox injections are to be combined with plastic surgeries on the purpose of prolonged and durable outcome after any aesthetic operation. Since it takes only 20-25 min, it is practical and worthy.

To get more information on available treatments at Mono Obesity Surgery and your best tailored weight loss plan please contact your medical consultant.

  • Surgery duration: 20 mins
  • Total stay: None
  • Anaesthesia: Mild sedation or light anaesthetic
  • Recovery time: Immediate
  • Scars: None
  • Rest: 2 hours
  • Moderate weigh loss at a certain period of time
  • No foreign substance is inserted into stomach
  • No slippage or erosion correspondingly
  • No risk of complications
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