Endoscopic Gastric Balloon

Endoscopic gastric balloon, also known as gastric balloon, is a non-surgical bariatric treatment in which a deflated silicon balloon is inserted into to stomach to limit the capacity and amount of food it can hold. This treatment seems viable and ideal for those patients who are a bit nervous or scared of undergoing more complicated surgeries and wish to control their weight or lose weight after struggling with diet and exercise.

Gastric balloons take up a certain portion of your stomach and and after the removal, it helps you change your long-term eating habits and adapt a healthier life style. Therefor, it is strongly believed that it is a short term weight loss treatment which is reversible. Gastric balloon treatment seekers should be highly aware that slower progress will be made, because it does not provide results as effective and permanent as more complicated surgical treatments such as gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy does.

To avoid intestinal obstruction by poorly designed balloons you need to be ensured of the quality of material that the balloon is made of and ensure the gastric acid resistancy.

The assessment of the patient starts with full endoscopic examination to figure out existence of any indicator for reflux, ulcer, gastritis in upper digestive system. After we ensure gastric balloon is suitable and fitted into your current state of health then balloon is inserted into your stomach and gradually inflated while your doctor is being assisted with monitoring and screening tools of endoscope. An ink-like coloured agent is used to inflate the balloon simply to help patient recognize its colour in the urine in case any leaking is being detected by the patient.

2 hours of hospital rest is suggested only and after that you may immediately return back to your daily routine. Very rare but in some cases the human body may reject the foreign substitute and removal of the balloon placed might be emerged. Therefor your postoperative feedback following 6 months will highly be appreciated by our professional team and doctor. You will be suggested and provided a diet plan to minimize the discomfort you may confront. Also it is important to know that we suggest removal of balloon should be performed by the doctor who inserted it. Therefor our general surgeon Ali Sarac will be doing periodic check on you to know how your progress is going and decide when to remove the balloon.

To get more information on available treatments at Mono Obesity Surgery and your best tailored weight loss plan please contact your medical consultant.

The group of patients who are eligible for gastric balloon treatment;


  • who once were on weight loss programmes but failed
  • who have no major problems in the digestive system
  • with no chronic high-dose analgesics or aspirin use
  • Surgery duration: 15 to 25 Min.
  • Total stay: 2 hours of hospital rest
  • Anaesthesia: Mild sedative or light anaesthetic
  • Side effects: Heavy feeling in abdomen, abdominal or back pain, acid reflux or indigestion, nausea, vomit
  • Scars: None
  • Medications: None
  • Rest: 2 weeks off work recommended (Consult please)
  • Slower weigh loss at a certain period of time
  • Balloon rupture may occur however it will be rare after detailed professional assessment is made
  • Reversible
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